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Communicate gracefully with the new Yahoo

With the new Yahoo Mail, you can totally improve the way you can send messages. It no longer has to be a sober message with a little color, study to use the fun functions of colors, gifs, emojis and  Communicate gracefully with the new Yahoo Mail.

You can begin using this new version by clicking the "Try new version" button in the lower-left corner. And you can also go back to the classic version if you want. Without additional ado, let's begin to see the new features.

Communicate gracefully with certain fun features

Some simple functions that will color your message. For example, you will see email funds with different themes, gift, emojis, attach videos, etc.

Entertaining Gifts

You will notice a small icon with the word Gift, where you will get various options for comedy, series, sports, etc. These are regularly updated, so you can instantly and easily send funny gifts to all your contacts.

Add a background to your email

There are numerous fun backgrounds, with themes of sports, love, or others that fit the significant dates that are close, such as Good Friday, Christmas, etc.

Endless photos

You can add different photos to your message, and these will seem next to each other in order. In this way, the person can see the picture in a larger size without having to download it, and your message will not look dirty, on the opposite, it will look great.

Add a frame to your message

Some of the funds can make the role of frames, for example, this great message of gratefulness, to accompany your photos and your special message. So you can use many other backgrounds of diverse themes.

Add Bold or colors to words

Choose the word you want to modify, and in the color palette, mark whatever is your preference. It's that easy.

Comic emojis

If you feel warm, fill these feelings with your word, with a little face that expresses laugh, embarrassment,  discomfort,  or love. The emojis you will find in Yahoo are very varied, related to the ones you use in your chats.

Add a video or website link to your message

Just copy the link of the video, or website, and paste on the text of your message, for example, if you want to tell someone about how to contact yahoo? You can copy the link of yahoo mail support website select the text and insert the web address.

With this, we end this fascinating post, about the new functions of Yahoo Mail to communicate with beauty.

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